Samsung MSL Code Via IMEI + SN - only Bulk [ SN 10 digit ] API



SETUP  Field 

25 digit

Imei + Sn SML

EX : 358793086129390RF8J42Q67E


Searching Samsung modem... detected COM24
Reading phone info... OK
Model: SM-G950F
AP version: G950FXXU1AQC9
CSC version: G950FOXM1AQC9
CP version: G950FXXU1AQC9
Product code: NEE
Unique number: CE011711F841CE3004
Reading IMEI... OK
IMEI: 355089083876460
Reading SN... OK
Phone SN: RF8J32MESW


Make sure knox is 0 (knox 1 not supported )


Make sure knox is 0 (knox 1 not supported )

Check On Download Mod  -> Knox Warranty Void = 0x0 ( support)

                                                  Knox Warranty Void = 0x1 ( not support)


Note: T-mobile apps, Metro APP  Unlock and Sprint samsung not supported

Read Serial No by z3x and submit Serial only and get MSL code and enter this code by z3x box to get Network unlocked

Strict Policy: The Code is Originally From Database and Calculated With Serial.

This supplier Don't refund in any case please do not use any fake or wrong serial or do not force for Verification or refund



Delivery Time: 1-24 max 96h

Bulk Orders Allowed: Yes

Submit To Verify Allowed: No

Order Cancel Allowed: No

Service Type: Server

Order Type: Serial Number

Order Processing: Manual